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Outdoor Classroom and Nature Sites

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Why limit learning to indoors? Our Outdoor Classrooms and Nature Sites take learning to a whole new level.  Outdoor classrooms allow students to learn in and about their natural environment.  We offer several products to facilitate your indoor learning curriculum and take it outdoors, from storage to tables, to shade.  You can utilize your outdoor space and transform it into a classroom for children of all ages and abilities.  Since Knowledge and nature are valuable resources. We enable you to blend the two in an environment that that satisfies the need to learn and the need to connect with nature. 

Research shows that children benefit greatly from daily connections with the natural world. These benefits have a lasting impact, especially when positive experiences with nature come at an early age and are supported by caring adults.  We offer equipment that can truly enhance the learning experience, in multiple subjects. With products for music, science, art, foreign language and math curriculum, as well as for improved literacy, children can enjoy the outdoors and learning simultaneously.